College Planning Services

Comprehensive College Package

College planning typically begins before the senior year of high school.  The  comprehensive college package guides the student through course selection, activity selection, college admissions tests, essay writing, and application editing. By starting early in the high school career, the student is able to build a strong application for college.  A typical college consultation involves the following steps:

Step One: Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, both the student and parent are interviewed to determine the interests and strengths of the student.  The parent will provide information about their expectations for college in terms of location, educational objectives, and financial considerations.  The student will provide information about their activities, learning style, and academic career.  The student will also fill out a survey designed to determine their interests, skills, values, and personality.  The survey is based upon the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Step Two: Planning and Profile Meeting

At this meeting, the student will be presented with a career and academic profile.  The profile will include information about possible career paths and volunteer and internship opportunities related to those careers.  If the student is interested, he/she will be matched with a volunteer opportunity or internship for the summer or school year.  If the student is a freshman or sophomore, this meeting will be repeated to review grades and select courses and extra-curricular activities each semester.

Step Three: Research

The research on college choices will usually be done in the spring and summer after the junior year.  JEC will do a comprehensive individualized search for the colleges that match the student's academic profile and preferences. Research may include the following: college visits, connecting with consultants in other parts of the country, and speaking with college personnel and students at colleges and universities that meet the student's criteria.  The student's name and information is kept confidential unless the student asks that it be released. 

Step Four: College Options Meeting

At the college options meeting, a number of colleges will be presented to the student.  The student will receive a comparison chart of the colleges as well as literature from the colleges.  Each college will be discussed in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.  The student and parents will be asked to review the material and select the colleges that appeal to them.  If time and circumstance allow, the student will plan visits to the colleges.

Step Five: Fall Planning Meeting (Senior Year)

The fall planning meeting will review the information gained from college visits.  We will review the academic record including the class rank, and test scores.  A final college list of six to eight schools will be generated, and we will set up an application timeline.  At this meeting we will discuss letters of recommendation, early decision/action plans, and the college essay.

Step Six: Essay Brainstorming Meeting

At this meeting we will look at the essay assignments for each school's application and supplement.  We will brainstorm possible topics, and approaches to the essay.  At the conclusion of the session, we will set a timeline for completing the essays.

Step Seven: Editing

Editing is a process that will be completed through email, phone, and in-person contact.  The student is responsible for writing all essays and filling out all applications.  The final result will be edited multiple times for accuracy, clarity, and message.

Step Eight: Interview Prep

If a student is considered a good candidate for an interview, then a practice interview will be scheduled.  The student will learn proper interview etiquette and we will do a practice interview.

Step Nine: Making the Choice

After a student receives his/her letters of admission, a final meeting will be scheduled to talk about choices and review scholarship and financial aid offers.  We will also discuss housing and completing the forms for enrollment.

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